Increasing Carbon Sink through tree planting

On Saturday 25thJuly 2020, members of the Green Leaf Foundation led by the organization’s CEO Oluoch Dan Owino, conducted a tree planting exercise at Isinya Health Centre, Kajiado County. This activity was an initiative in line with Article 69 (1b) of the Kenya Constitution that stipulates the need to increase tree cover by 10%.The Green Leaf Foundation knows too well that protection of the environment benefits both the present and future generations.

Members of The Green Leaf Foundation with Isinya Health Centre Officials on 25th July, 2020.
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The team was guided by the hospital’s administration that was represented by the Chairman of the Hospital Board Mr. Milton Kimuyu Kieti and the Clinical Officer-In-Charge Mrs. Agnes Riise. The Chairman reiterated the significance of such exercises especially given that Kajiado County is a Semi-Arid area that needs more tree cover. On her part, the Clinical Officer stated that such trees will be instrumental in years to come through the provision of shade, cool climate, and fresh air within the hospital precincts. This will also help the sick patients especially the pregnant mothers who do come for their clinics at the hospital get some nice shade and cool air as they wait for the services.

In the company of The Green Leaf Foundation team was renowned lawyer and advocate, Lempaa Suyianka, who has been one of the main mentors of the young team. Lempaa is also involved in various tree planting exercises in his hometown of Suswa and various other places in Kenya. He is a true environmental enthusiast who prides himself as “a born environmentalist.” He and his friend and colleague, Wahome Thuku, also an advocate, have been mentoring The Green Leaf Foundation team since its founding.

“The Isinya event was just the beginning of numerous activities the organization plans to execute within Kajiado County and other parts of Kenya,” said Lempaa Suyianka. Kajiado County currently has just about 3.6 percent forest cover against the constitutional national target of 10 percent by 2022, according to statistics by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry. There are already numerous ongoing efforts by the National and County Governments in Kajiado to increase the forest cover in the largely semi-arid county. The County targets to plant 1 million trees and that can only be realized through collaborative efforts by various stakeholders.

Lempaa Suyianka and Whitney Ogweno doing final touches on one of the newly planted trees.

At The Green Leaf Foundation, we believe in “a clean, healthy, resilient, and sustainable environment.” This is the reason why we advocate for the adoption of indigenous tree species that contributes to environmental protection and has high market value within the private sector space. It is against this background that we seek your support to help us champion our agenda. For donations, kindly visit our website

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