Increasing Carbon Sink through Eco-Schools and Institutional Approach

According to the Kenya Forest Service, from the recent survey report, Kenya’s forest cover currently stands at 7.2 percent. This is contrary to the constitutional requirement of a minimum of 10 percent forest cover. The constitutional threshold corresponds to the ratified Paris Agreement that requires countries to adapt and mitigate climate change through climate actions towards low carbon pathways. It is against this backdrop that The Green Leaf Foundation; complement the government efforts through enhancing tree planting in collaboration with primary schools within Homa Bay County. The Schools we currently partner with are: Kasimba, Nyabola and Nyahera Primary Schools.

The carbon sink project is in line with The Green Leaf Foundation’s objectives of; Environmental Conservation and Awareness Creation. The organization explores the channels of schools, churches, sports and curriculum activities and campaign platforms to plant trees and sensitize the communities on the need to plant trees and their importance in averting the impact of climate change for improved livelihood. Trees are important to the existence of human beings and nature as they; Provide Man with food, oxygen, medicinal values among other benefits. The organization is determined to the course and sets a target of one million trees, planted annually in schools, recreation centers, churches, sports complex, homesteads, private and public forests among other places. The organization instills culture and habit of tree planting and nature conservation through sensitization and capacity development of the affected societies and races.

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