Effects of Eucalyptus on Soil, Bio-diversity and Water sources

According to Oballa et al (2010), Eucalyptus has adverse effects on soil fertility, biodiversity and water sources, and therefore the dried-up spring in Jera area could be because of eucalyptus plantation adjacent to it. Eucalyptus trees, as asserted by Oballa et al (2010) loses large quantities of water to the atmosphere due to high evapo-transpiration rate thus drying up the water source. As part of our objective of addressing emerging challenges of climate change, loss of biodiversity, desertification, inadequate policies, lack of awareness and land degradation, Mr. Dan Olouch, our Executive Director through community engagement and assessment of the Jera spring, agrees that eucalyptus growing near water sources contributes immensely to depletion of water resources. The Green Leaf Foundation advocates for the adoption of alternative indigenous tree species that contributes to environmental protection and has high market value within the private sector space such as Bamboo. It is against this background that we seek your support to help us change the narrative. Indigenous trees will create life to Jera springs as well as create environmental sustainability

Executive Director of The Green Leaf Foundation assessing the state of one of the springs in Jera-Siaya County during his visit in Ugenya. The spring has completely dried up making it difficult for the locals to have access to water.

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