Benefits of Forestation

There is great evidence of how trees are pivotal to livelihoods across the world. Some of their benefits are:

  • Absorption of harmful pollutants through their leaves and bark as they release the oxygen in return. Essentially, they act as carbon sinks by absorbing carbon dioxide and reducing the impact of climate change.
  • Trees are important in the reduction of natural disasters like landslides and floods. They do this by capturing rainwater and slowing the rate of surface runoff.
  •  They support biodiversity including hundreds of mammalian, moss, fungi, and insect species.
  •  Forests are also used for research purposes to advance the discovery on new medicines and species that are still undiscovered.
  • Lastly and perhaps the most crucial in this era of climate change, trees help the Earth in sucking and storing harmful greenhouse gases into their branches, trunks, and leaves. This will continue to be significant as urban sprawl continues in various parts of the globe resulting to more and more emission of carbon dioxide.

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